2 Serve Ministries was birthed in 2005 when Pastor Robert Gay and his wife Jodi were called into full time missions. 1997 marked the first trip to Nicaragua, 2002 the first trip to Guatemala and 2005 the first trip to Honduras. Needless to say, Central America is our primary missions field.

Our focus is ‘2 Serve Ministries’ embeded in local culture-whether through delivering the Word, extending prayer or suppling resources. The objective is to strengthen and build his kingom.

Other members of the ministry include Tom Lenz and his wife Linda, Paul Rivard and his wife Rosemary as well as Hughes Varner. We have come together in one accord, displaying the gifts of the five fold ministry while following the direction of the Holy Spirit.

We serve wherever we are sent. While we travel to Central America on a consistent basis, we have also traveled to Scotland, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and most recently, Israel, Cyprus and Greece.

Thank you for taking time to get to know us better. May the peace of God and the Grace of our Lord Jesus go with you today.